Rae Abileah is a creative change strategist who can organize your next event, book project, campaign strategy, ritual, home and hearth.
Here’s what I can do for you: 

Writing a book? Seeking to publish an article? Creating a presentation or speech? Rae is a published author and skillful editor who can help polish your piece toward print.

  • Nonfiction and memoir book editing

  • Writing website content

  • Curating and managing email communiques  

  • Speech and presentation crafting 

  • Reviews of books and programs  

Portfolio highlights

  • Edited numerous books toward publication

  • 10+ years writing email blasts for organizations from family-owned small businesses to national nonprofits of 300k+ membership

  • 15+ years writing and editing content for websites and print including campaign content, press releases, articles, flyers, news summaries

  • Written and ghostwritten numerous quotes and reviews of publications and campaigns

  • Contributing author to numerous anthologies including:

    • Beautiful Trouble: A Toolbox for Revolution

    • Beyond Tribal Loyalties: Personal Stories of Jewish Peace Activists

    • Sisters Singing: Blessings, Prayers, Art, Songs, Poetry and Sacred Stories By Women

    • Siddur HaKohanot: A Hebrew Priestess Prayerbook

Whether she’s wiring in political travel dispatches from the frontlines of global conflicts, or carefully laying out the tactical considerations for how to sneak into the citadels of rogue power and steal the spotlight, Rae Abileah can write. I know, because she’s my editor. Oy.
— Andrew Boyd, cofounder & editor, Beautiful Trouble

Rae has organized hundreds of gatherings — from large rallies to conferences to weddings to meditation & ancestral healing retreats. Invite her to manage your next special event.

  • Administrative support for events including registration, payment, online tools

  • Communication with participants in advance, during, and after the event

  • Social media and marketing, outreach and promotion packages

  • Event planning - down to the finest print detail!

  • Catering and potluck coordination

  • Schedule design and presentation

  • A/V support

  • Retreat manager

  • Focus on making events inclusive and drawing forth beloved community to gather round

Portfolio highlights

  • Coordinated large conferences from Washington, DC to San Francisco

  • Organized staff retreats

  • Planned several national speaking tours and book tours

  • Extensive PR experience for events, campaigns, and book and album releases that have landed hundreds of media hits  

  • Coordinated activist training camps

  • Managed an activist house in DC for 2 years + numerous online home rental listings

Ritual can add value and meaning to our everyday lives, mark significant transitions, celebrate births and unions, help us face grief and loss, and create a container for prayer and longing.

As an ordained Kohenet Hebrew Priestess and longtime ritual practitioner, Rae can help you craft a bespoke ritual for your special occasion.

  • Life cycle rituals for individuals and couples including baby naming and weddings

  • Ritual design consultation for families, groups, organizations, and campaigns

  • Earth-based rituals to honor a specific place or season

  • Incorporate your well ancestors and the spirits of the land you are on  

Portfolio highlights

  • Officiated numerous weddings in destinations from Joshua Tree to New York, baby naming ceremonies, and life cycle transition rituals such as relationship separation, new home consecration, job change, and business launches. 

  • Ordained Kohenet Hebrew Priestess, member of the Kehunah professional network

Rae’s guidance around my wedding was a key ingredient to have a ceremony that profoundly touched every single participant, and left my partner and I feeling like we’d created something way more powerful than just a wedding, beyond what we could have imagined. Rae held an impeccable container by fielding all of our inquiries and fuzzy visions and guiding us to a clear, empowering, magical vision. She also helped us see how the wedding was a major rite of passage for our whole family, and to make room for everyone’s experience without short-changing our vision. The sacred magic and high romance of our wedding carries us still, years later, and everyone continues to tell us that it was the best wedding they’ve ever been to. I’m so proud of what we created and it would not have been the deep blessing it was without Rae. We are forever grateful.
— Dana Balicki, transformational coach & changemaker

Weave meaningful ritual into your next social action.

  • Get support creating a ritual within your social change campaign or action.

Portfolio highlights

  • Co-creator of The Climate Ribbon, a global participatory arts ritual for climate grief and hope  

  • Ritual consultant & ritual guide co-author for the Climate Time Capsule Day of Dedication events across the US with the Sunrise Movement in November, 2018  


Bring the Climate Ribbon arts ritual to your next gathering.

Our collective is available to come to your community, faith institution, board meeting, or conference to facilitate this transformative ritual. More at

In order to win, social movements don’t just need good organizing, they need heart. They need spirit. They need the kind of organizers who aren’t just great in managing spreadsheets, but are capable of guiding people to dig down deep, to find their core motivations and inner resources, and commit to the long haul. Rae Abileah is one of those rare organizers who somehow, is able to do all of these things at once.
— Gan Golan, NY Times bestselling author and social movement strategist
One of the many delicious qualities I love about Rae is how she leads ritual from her deepest, most authentic self – a self whose spiritually is totally blended with her activism. She’s also very fluid, attuned to the present and her surroundings, able to adapt and respond to whatever is needed in the moment. Rae draws us in, connects us to one another, is inclusive and loving and totally joyful – making us all feel seen and held. It’s simply uplifting to be in her presence.
— Penny Rosenwasser, professor & author of Hope Into Practice: Jewish Women Choosing Justice Despite Our Fears

Experienced consulting on creating winning campaigns & dynamic organizational structure.

  • Create the building blocks for a winning campaign

  • Map your ecosystem

  • Break big problems into achievable goals 

  • Use the tools of economic activism - boycott, divestment and sanctions - to make an impact

Portfolio highlights

  • National organizer and co-director of CODEPINK Women for Peace for nearly 10 years

  • Consultant at ThoughtWorks on digital strategy and organizational design for two years

  • Background in issue areas: militarism, racial justice, climate change, food justice, Palestine/Israel

Rae is a dedicated, passionate, generous, creative and brilliant organizer. Her work with CODEPINK Women for Peace not only lifted up the organization, but has lifted up the national anti-war movement. Rae is truly gifted in the art of bringing people together and helping them feel part of something bigger than themselves. She is one of those leaders that always puts others before herself, creating new leadership wherever she goes. Most of all, Rae offers courage and commitment rarely seen these days. What a treat it would be for anyone to have the opportunity to work with her.
— Alli Chagi-Starr, founder, Starr Strategies Consulting

Trainings, facilitation, & public speaking for your organization,
school, company event

  • Topics on creative social change & inspired action include: Grassroots organizing; Creative actions; Campaign strategy; BDS (consumer boycotts, institutional divestment): Jewish narrative & activism; Environmental injustice & climate change; Media & digital tools; Intersectional work  

  • Uses the Jemez Principles for inclusive, decolonizing organizing

Portfolio highlights

  • 15+ years experience facilitating groups and strategy sessions for nonprofit organizations, coalition meetings, strategy sessions, and group activities  

  • Rae is one of the recommended speakers on the Together We Rise speakers bureau

  • Led and designed trainings for Beautiful Trouble on nonviolent direct action and creative action tactics at universities, nonprofits, and the national Jewish Voice for Peace conferences

  • Past public speaking has ranged from rallies of thousands of people to tech conferences with hundreds, to small, customized workshops with an intimate circle

  • Keynote speaker at large events such as Korbel School of International Studies at Denver University (2016), ThoughtWorks North America and Brazil conferences (2011-12), Agile India technology conference in Bangalore, India (2014), The Russell Tribunal on Palestine in London, England (2011), PIRG youth organizing conference in Tennessee (2007), Valedictorian speech (2000)

  • Featured speaker on tours such as North Dakota Peace Coalition speaking tour (2006), Women Say No to War speaking tour (2006), Donne di Pace speaking tour in Italy (2005)

  • Presented at numerous conferences such as Bioneers, Progressive Democrats of America, The Nation, Friends of Sabeel North America (FOSNA), US Social Forum 

  • 2 years experience facilitating digital strategy sessions at ThoughtWorks 

  • Facilitator for 2-day strategy session for the American Friends Service Committee's Economic Activism campaign 

  • Devorah (teacher assistant) for Kohenet Institute training weeks 

Get help to declutter your life and home, and find ease and harmony in your everyday.

  • Home organizing consultations

  • Roll up your sleeves and get to work sprint sessions

  • Decluttering fun: Let me plan your next clothing swap with friends & manage your donations to local community support centers



  • Coordinated numerous work sprint sessions for one-on-one and small team work to finish projects 

  • Organized tons of fun clothing swaps in the Bay Area, Boulder, NYC, and LA... everyone went home looking fabulous, guaranteed! ;) 


Online organizing tools to make your projects come to life.

  • Software and platforms: Wordpress, Squarespace, Mailchimp, Google Drive/Google Apps, MS Office, Mac OS X, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Hootsuite, Basecamp, Trello, Loomio, Salsa, Action Network, ActionKit, Toggl, Calendly

  • Part of a diverse network of consultants on digital strategy, custom coding, and website builds


  • 2 years experience working at ThoughtWorks 

  • Helped created online organizing strategy and communications while working at CODEPINK Women for Peace 

  • Numerous successful online fundraising campaigns

On the closing day of my IndieGogo, I was aware that the campaign has been as epically fun, transformative, and powerful as it has been for me in large part because of Rae believing in me and my gifts, and for bringing hers to make magic with me. Rae’s wildly positive, life-affirming, joy-engaging attitude invited a reframe toward leading with Yes. Rae’s strategic thinking challenged and supported me to ride my edge toward increased focused meeting of my goals. Her enthusiasm and leading wisely with heart have — actually — changed the way I approach life, work, choices and possibilities.
— Taya Ma Shere, co-founder, Kohenet Hebrew Priestess Institute