Trainings, facilitation, & public speaking for your organization,
school, company event

  • Topics on creative social change & inspired action include: Grassroots organizing; Creative actions; Campaign strategy; BDS (consumer boycotts, institutional divestment): Jewish narrative & activism; Environmental injustice & climate change; Media & digital tools; Intersectional work  

  • Uses the Jemez Principles for inclusive, decolonizing organizing

Portfolio highlights

  • 15+ years experience facilitating groups and strategy sessions for nonprofit organizations, coalition meetings, strategy sessions, and group activities  

  • Rae is one of the recommended speakers on the Together We Rise speakers bureau

  • Led and designed trainings for Beautiful Trouble on nonviolent direct action and creative action tactics at universities, nonprofits, and the national Jewish Voice for Peace conferences

  • Past public speaking has ranged from rallies of thousands of people to tech conferences with hundreds, to small, customized workshops with an intimate circle

  • Keynote speaker at large events such as Korbel School of International Studies at Denver University (2016), ThoughtWorks North America and Brazil conferences (2011-12), Agile India technology conference in Bangalore, India (2014), The Russell Tribunal on Palestine in London, England (2011), PIRG youth organizing conference in Tennessee (2007), Valedictorian speech (2000)

  • Featured speaker on tours such as North Dakota Peace Coalition speaking tour (2006), Women Say No to War speaking tour (2006), Donne di Pace speaking tour in Italy (2005)

  • Presented at numerous conferences such as Bioneers, Progressive Democrats of America, The Nation, Friends of Sabeel North America (FOSNA), US Social Forum 

  • 2 years experience facilitating digital strategy sessions at ThoughtWorks 

  • Facilitator for 2-day strategy session for the American Friends Service Committee's Economic Activism campaign 

  • Devorah (teacher assistant) for Kohenet Institute training weeks