In my consulting practice I’ve embraced many of the cultural norms articulated by my dear friends at Good Good Work, and added some of my own so that we can make the implicit explicit. I work together with clients to make sure these are articulated in a way that works for both of us.

I believe in a more holistic approach to work. The values of empathy, respect, and trust are always integrated into working style. To that end, here are some cultural norms that I aim to embody in every working agreement.


Assume Good Intentions

My work means a lot to me and your work means a lot to you, otherwise we wouldn’t be doing it. I assume my clients are telling me the truth, believe them when they speak, and expect that they have insights that I don’t. It’s also assumed that they’re experts in their field. I expect clients to do the same for me. I also assume that this work is in service to the benevolent ancestors who have come before and the future generations who will inherit our impact on the earth. 



Because we’re all busy, let’s make sure to check in with each other about our time availability. Sometimes that looks like one of us asking about “hard stops” for meeting times or setting time estimates to agenda items. I use collaborative tools and processes that let us track our progress outside the time/space of traditional meetings. When we do meet, let’s aim to schedule a time at least 48 hours in advance, and stay on-task with agendas and time mindfulness. I try to meet in person or over video as much as possible, and agree in advance about what times (days/hours) and tools (email/text/slack/etc.) work best for communication given clients and any project concerns (platform security/confidentiality/urgency/etc.). I aim to have tech-free Shabbats (Saturdays).


Clarity on Roles & Communications: Pass the Pomegranate!

We may embody multiple relationships to each other such as client-consultant, teacher-student, friend-friend, kindred-kindred. Let’s be clear about what we’re communicating about by defining keywords that denote that we are speaking to each other about book versus other roles. For example, one client proposed the phrase: “May I pass you a pomegranate?” to indicate a shift in the conversation.



Let’s be intentional about how we give each other feedback that’s constructive and in service to the vision of the work that want to be birthed into the world. Tell me how best to give you feedback and when. I’ll share the same. If this project becomes a longer-term endeavor / collaboration, we can schedule periodic check-in calls to talk about the meta-level “How is our working relationship going? Do we need to change it? What’s the emergent best practice wanting to come forth?” I am committed to providing feedback in a timely manner that will allow us to meet our deadlines and demonstrate a commitment to the work.


Documentation & Organization

Sharing knowledge is important. And being able to capture and access those great ideas at any time is equally important. We will use online file-sharing and other tools to keep track of important conversations, thoughts, and progress. Part of my role is to synthesize project goals, next steps, and longer-term vision after our meetings into usable formats (images, graphs, lists) that break down those big, gnarly projects into bite-sized, achievable to-dos. As a clutter-buster who embraces minimalism, I can also help you organize your space for optimal productivity and inspiration.  


Ritual & Wellbeing

I approach this work in service to Love and a force greater than ourselves. I commit to embracing a sense of spiritual grounding and also playfulness when entering into working on your project. I aim to cultivate a lifestyle that weaves my livelihood and my other passions in a holistic and joyful way. I welcome you to set intentions when we meet, and to open and close our work sprints or meetings with a song, a prayer, a movement, or another grounding and centering practice.


Jemez Principles

In all the work I do, I aim to follow and embody the Jemez Principles as much as possible. Read them. I am on my own journey toward decolonizing my mind and lineage, and applying these principles to the way I live, engage in solidarity, organize, and do work. We will look at how these principles might apply to the commitment to your specific body of work. 


Embrace Emergence

Let’s have fun, be flexible, and keep listening to what is most wanting to come forth. Remember that these agreements are meant to be like guiding stars, not hard-fast rules. We can be fluid like water, and pray that our work carves canyons the way water does, making a big impact, in wavicles.  


consulting fees

My consulting fees are based on a sliding scale and I aim to provide services, support, and delivery at a rate that we can mutually feel met by. Contact me to set up a time to chat about your project and find out how I can support you.