Ritual can add value and meaning to our everyday lives, mark significant transitions, celebrate births and unions, help us face grief and loss, and create a container for prayer and longing.

As an ordained Kohenet Hebrew Priestess and longtime ritual practitioner, Rae can help you craft a bespoke ritual for your special occasion.

  • Life cycle rituals for individuals and couples including baby naming and weddings

  • Ritual design consultation for families, groups, organizations, and campaigns

  • Earth-based rituals to honor a specific place or season

  • Incorporate your well ancestors and the spirits of the land you are on  

Portfolio highlights

  • Officiated numerous weddings in destinations from Joshua Tree to New York, baby naming ceremonies, and life cycle transition rituals such as relationship separation, new home consecration, job change, and business launches. 

  • Ordained Kohenet Hebrew Priestess, member of the Kehunah professional network

Rae’s guidance around my wedding was a key ingredient to have a ceremony that profoundly touched every single participant, and left my partner and I feeling like we’d created something way more powerful than just a wedding, beyond what we could have imagined. Rae held an impeccable container by fielding all of our inquiries and fuzzy visions and guiding us to a clear, empowering, magical vision. She also helped us see how the wedding was a major rite of passage for our whole family, and to make room for everyone’s experience without short-changing our vision. The sacred magic and high romance of our wedding carries us still, years later, and everyone continues to tell us that it was the best wedding they’ve ever been to. I’m so proud of what we created and it would not have been the deep blessing it was without Rae. We are forever grateful.
— Dana Balicki, transformational coach & changemaker